What is the GurfMat

What is the GurfMatTM?

The GurfMat TM

48" x 48" Practice Mat

I bought the GurfBall® and GurfMat™ for my grandson and he loves it. He has a natural golf swing which is amazing. My grandson is only interested in hitting the ball and not where it’s going. His eyes are right on the ball and his head doesn’t move! It’s great to have the set available when he comes over to visit and the mat protects my carpet from his little miss hits. I can’t wait to get him to the golf course to see how much he has learned over the winter.

Josephine, Bowie, MD

An indoor practice mat is a good thing to have when you are swinging your clubs at home. Many carpets have been ruined by golfers who get so engrossed in swinging their clubs that they actually take a divot (oops there goes the carpet). The GurfMatTM is a practice mat that is designed only for indoor use with the GurfBall™. It is not to be used outdoors or for hitting real golf balls off it. Limiting the practice mat in this way enable the cost to be reduced and the addition of other features.

The GurfMat™ is very light and easy to roll up and store away or carry from place to place. An outdoor driving range mat is very unsightly in the home. It is heavy, hard to put away, and it is costly. Our practice mat is actually a simulated grass turf with a non-slip backing added to allow it to be used over slippery floors, e.g. gym floors or other hard floors. The mat is tough enough to protect your rug from most swings. Even the rugged outdoor driving range mats will tear on those violent swings which dig directly into the mat. The mat can’t be guaranteed against those kinds of swings but, it does add a measure of protection for your carpet or hardwood floors.

Of course, if you already have a large mat, then you can use your own mat and just buy the GurfBall®.

One thing to keep in mind, those small mats don’t put you at an even level with the practice ball and this will influence your practice swings.

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