GurfBall® Simulates a Real Golf Ball

Real vs. Electronic Simulation

Simulation, as it applies to golf, is the imitation of the operation of a real-world process over time. By that definition, the GurfBall is a better simulator than electronic simulators. The GurfBall is an actual model of a golf ball while electronic sensors have no relationship to a golf ball. Through electronic manipulation, the user is made to think that their golf swing produced the 2 dimensional image shown on the monitor. Whether this is an accurate projection of the swing, is debatable. What is not debatable (see videos), is the fact that the GurfBall® reacts like a real golf ball when struck with a real golf club. There is no question that Gurfball’s trajectory is a result of your golf swing. The only question is whether the Gurfball’s trajectory is an actual simulation of a real golf ball, and the laws of physics guarantees that it is.

“ There is no other practice ball or training system on the market today that enables golfers to gain a better understanding of their golf swings, in less time and for less money. ”

The GurfBall® is an indoor practice golf ball but, in a sense, it is also a simulator. It does not depend on mechanical or electrical sensors to analyze and project real motion onto a 2D screen. No screen is required to see the GurfBall’s flight pattern. The GurfBall® is the simulator.

Save Time & Money

Electronic simulators require time to reset after each shot and time to wait for the results to be calculated and displayed on a 2D screen. The GurfBall® is more efficient and accurate because what you see is what you get. There are no sensors and sensor data to be processed and then used to compute the projected flight pattern. The only  major differences between the GurfBall® and the golf ball are the distance and the speed at which they travel. The GurfBall® travels at only a fraction of the distance and speed of a golf ball  while preserving spin ratios and trajectory. Believe your own eyes. The GurfBall® tells you exactly what you need to know.

I took one look at that ball and decided that this was one swing aid that I would skip. Then, my brother shows up and starts killing the ball. He actually beat me for the second time in his life (he is almost blind). Turns out that he had been practicing all winter with the GurfBall®

Art, Laurel, MD

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