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  • practice mat is designed for the GurfBall only.
  • protects carpet when swinging golf clubs at home. – not intended for outdoor use or real golf balls
  • light weight and easy to fold up and put away
  • GurfMat is an eye pleasing simulated grass turf
  • GurfMat not guaranteed against carpet damage
    when taking divots (not recommended)
  • inexpensive and great looking
  • Comes with Non-skid rug underlay
  • binder around edges so mat will not easily unravel
  • keeps you on a level lie with theGurfBall®
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The GurfBall is an indoor practice golf ball. You can take a full swing at it and it will only travel about 8 – 15 feet depending on which club you use. The GurfBall exactly duplicates the flight of a real golf ball in this limited amount of space. By observing the GurfBall in flight, you can see the results of your golf swing. This instant feedback allows you to make swing changes and test the results in seconds. This efficient process yields fast and dramatic improvements in your golf swing. The GurfBall is for golfers at all playing levels, from beginners to professional golfers. It helps golfers improve their golf games by practicing how to hit draws, fades and straight shots while learning how to avoid hitting slices and hooks. The GurfBallTM is amazing. You can practice with all your irons and woods right in your home. The GurfBall is scientifically engineered to quickly decelerate so that it travels only a short distance. This design uses air resistance to slow the ball down fast enough so that you can see the flight of the ball resulting from your golf swing. The GurfBallTM only takes seconds to retrieve so, you are able to hit hundreds of shots per practice session. For example, in just 30 minutes a day you can make more than 30,000 golf swings per year. Not only do you improve your golf swing but, the year round exercise keeps you in great golf shape.

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Weight 8 kg

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