GurfBall® Dramatically Reduces Costs

Junior Golf …

SG Products, Inc. is committed to introducing golf to children who do not have access to the country club atmosphere or fully funded junior golf programs. The GurfBall and it’ companion, the GurfMat are uniquely positioned to dramatically reduce the costs of junior golf thereby enabling schools, community centers, and start up programs to inexpensively introduce children to golf. For example, consider the cost of 50 kids in a junior golf program hitting $10 worth of balls a week at the local driving range. This amounts to $500

a week just on balls! And, this does not include volunteer time and transportation costs to go back and forth to the driving range. The GurfBall® can be used to provide a fun atmosphere for all children and to identify children with special talents for golf. Periodic trips to the driving range to confirm what the children are learning can be a major treat for the children. Because of the variable deceleration rate, the gray ball is suitable for all children and the coaches do not have to be especially knowledgeable about golf. The “what you see is what you get” attribute of the GurfBall® makes it easy for the coaches to communicate instructions to the child. All the coach needs is a brief introduction to the 9 different golf shot shapes and an understanding of the GurfBall® Practice Tips.

A Partnership for Change

SG Products Inc. is looking to partner with a golf club manufacturer to produce 7 irons for K-12 children. These club would be included along with the GurfBall® and the GurfMat™ at cost to public schools, communities, and individuals considering starting a junior golf program. Consequently, SG Products Inc. is offering, free of charge, a GurfMat™, and a package of 6 GurfBalls to the each of 10 junior golf programs that best describes how they would set up to use the GurfBall® and GurfMat™ in their indoor junior golf program. Letters must be submitted on their junior golf letterheads and mailed to:
SG Products, Inc.
Junior Golf Contest
13109 Montauk Greenfields Drive
Bowie, MD 20720

In addition, 8 more GurfMats and 8 more packages of GurfBalls will be sent, free of charge to the program which best describes its use of the GurfBalls and GurfMat™ in their program. The submissions should include a description of the program, pictures and videos of the kids actually using the GurfBalls and GurfMats. If selected, permission to use the submissions in our efforts to promote junior golf must be granted. Secondary submissions can be emailed to junior_golf@sg-producs.com.
[Note: For legal reasons, SG Products, Inc. reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time, for any reason.]

For more information, contact
Gene Mallory, Founder/CEO
SG Products, Inc.

“ … uniquely positioned to enable schools and community centers to inexpensively introduce young children to golf concepts and to identify children with special talents for golf. ”

I bought the GurfBall® and GurfMat™ for my grandson and he loves it. He has a natural golf swing which is amazing. My grandson is only interested in hitting the ball and not where it’s going. His eyes are right on the ball and his head doesn’t move! It’s great to have the set available when he comes over to visit and the mat protects my carpet from his little mishits. I can’t wait to get him to the golf course to see how much he has learned over the winter.

Josephine, Bowie, MD

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