Introducing the GurfBall®

Indoor Driving Range

When it comes to improving your golf swing, there is no substitute for practice. How golfers practice and where they practice is an important consideration for golfers trying to improve their golf swing. If only there was a way for golfers to practice reliably indoors – at home – uninterrupted by outside distractions; where they have access to books and videos on golf. Well now there is! SG Products, Inc. is introducing the GurfBall® to the world of golf.

The GurfBall® is a revolutionary new kind of indoor practice ball that enables golfers to practice at home as if they were outdoors on the driving range. A proprietary variable deceleration rate allows the GurfBall® to accommodate all swing speeds, all clubs, in all practice modes in very little space.

The GurfBall® is Reliable

The same laws of physics that apply to the round golf ball also apply to the round GurfBall®. The resulting differences are not in kind, but in amount. It’s like an architect making a scale model of a building. The trajectory and spin of the GurfBall are a scaled down version of the golf ball’s trajectory and spin. The GurfBall reproduces all 9 golf hot shapes right in your home. Because of the laws of physics the GurfBall is unquestionably reliable.

GurfBall®as a Teaching Tool

Butch Harmon, one of the greatest teachers in golf said, “The ball tells you everything you need to know.“ Lee Trevino, one of the greatest self-taught golfers of the modern era said, “I hit millions of golf balls.” The GurfBall® is an amazing new indoor practice ball that makes full swing practice with every club in your bag not only possible, but preferable to taking long trips to the driving range to hit cold, hard range balls. The GurfBall® will teach you things about your golf swing that you might never learn at the driving range. The precise, instant feedback from the GurfBall enables you to make subtle swing change and gauge the results in seconds instead of minutes, hours, or not at all. Imagine trying to learn how to hit high draws from a thick wiry rough. Well, that’s the difference between the GurfBall® and the hard, cold balls at the driving range. Another factor is simply the quantity of balls you can hit at home compared to the driving range. In the repetition mode (see Practice Tips), you can hit hundreds of balls in a very short period of time compared to the driving range. Most golfers never learn the proper “wrist action through the ball” but, you have a better chance of learning that at home with the GurfBall than you would have at the driving range. more …

“The GurfBall® decelerates so quickly that you can see the same ball flight patterns that you would normally see on the driving range. ”

I got the GurfBall® mainly to work on my short game because I don’t have 9 foot ceilings. Right away I noticed that most of my chip shorts were being “pulled” to the left. After a while I gave up trying to correct for the pull. I closed my stance and delivered a crisper strike to the ball. Eureka! That solved my problem. The GurfBall® is a great tool to diagnose and correct swing problems. 

Mike,  Staten Island, NY

Instant Feedback

The instant the GurfBall® leaves the clubface you know if you hit the shot you intended to hit. You do not have to wonder if you are aligned properly to your target or how far off your target the ball lands. Since you are so much closer to your target (wall), the feedback is instant and precise. There is no doubt whether you were aligned correctly or whether the ball hit the target. When pitching and chipping with the GurfBall® this instant, precise feedback is very critical to determining whether you are pushing or pulling your short shots. Instant feedback allows you to make subtle swing changes and test the results in seconds. This process yields dramatic improvements in your golf swing. This is by far the best and the quickest way to improve your short game.

Save Time & Money

The GurfBall® is the most efficient practice system in golf. The ball returns to you very quickly so, instead of walking around the yard looking for “outdoor” practice balls, you can spend that time hitting repetitive golf shots indoors. This extra time allows you to concentrate on fundamentals instead of wasting time between shots looking for balls. And, if you pay $10 for a large bucket of balls and you hit 4 buckets of balls over the weekend you will save about $2,000 a year. You can, however, practice substantially more than that at home with the GurfBall® with a lot less stress on your body and zero extra dollars. There is no other practice ball or training system on the market today that enables golfers to gain a better understanding of their golf swing, in less time, for less money. Don’t let the cold or rain stop you from practicing. The GurfBall® is almost as much fun as playing a round of golf. Give it a try. If you love golf, you’ll love the GurfBall® – the future of indoor golf practice.

“ I got the GurfBall® just to stay in shape and hit balls instead of just swinging my clubs at the ‘air’. To my pleasant surprise the balls react  just like they do in the  video. I consider myself to be a good golfer, but what I learned about my technique for hitting draws and fades is worth many times the cost of the balls.  With the cold season coming in, I am looking forward to  some quality practice time right at home. ”
Art,  Laurel, MD

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